Today Måneskin have been recognized not only for their hits but also for being the first band that desecrated the Italian style, our music cliches, the stereotype of masculinity and the ideas that rock is dead. But there’s only one thing left they didn’t desecrate, the holiest of the Italian celebration: the marriage.
An issue that lately has been discussed a lot in Italy where political parties and religious movements had a crusade against gay couples and modern families, proposing also a bonus to convince people to marry in church.
So for the launch of their new album “Rush!”, Spotify has made Måneskin a proposal. And they said yes! On the 20th of Jan at the Palazzo Brancaccio, Måneskin get married in a Rush!
First we realeased a teaser with Thomas playing a rock wedding march and the reaction for all was shocking: who’s getting married?
Then we had our main event: a Cadillac carousel along Rome streets where fans has following band’s routes, a branded and kinky baroque palace as the location, gender fluid wedding dresses, Alessandro Michele as officiant, rings, bouquets and cake are designed ad hoc for the event, an exclusive live show for fans and the bests guests invited who shared every moments of the wedding all over their socials channels. Making the most outrageous and promiscuous marriage the most famous of the year. 

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