Every child has the right to play. This is the key to understand both the project of Invictus Camp and its fundraising campaign “Vieni a giocare in Puglia” (Come play to Puglia). Year after year there are thousands of children who are denied the opportunity to experience even simple events of their lives such as the summer holidays. Unequipped facilities without the necessary means are indeed at the core of enormous discomfort for many “special” families in which one or more minors suffer from genetic, chronic or oncohematological diseases.

But fortunately, something is starting to change thanks to Invictus Camp.
What is it? An 8-hectare facility located in a pine forest just a few meters away from the sea in the area of Maruggio (a Blue e Lilac Flag municipality listed among the most beautiful towns in Italy) that can accept up to 700 of those children at no charge.
Invictus Camp was born from the total absence of similar structures on the territory and the need, recognized together with the associations of volunteers, to unite in a single project the numerous and fragmented local realities already in place that support these minors and their families.

In order to raise funds for its construction, we designed “Vieni a giocare in Puglia” campaign, essentially based on the hacking of the stereotyped Apulian imaginary and clichés through our main characters: children and their play.

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