I was always fascinated by science. Behind every proof there’re years of research and, as in creativity, everything starts with a question. So we could say that what makes a scientist close to a creative is one thing in particular: curiosity. For many years we’ve wondered what’s outside our planet, exploring the space between us and something else. Often we dream about aliens, ufo and new kind of creatures that push our imagination within a mix of fear and excitement. But reality is different. We need to know better our world before escape from it, we need to save our kind before meet news ones, we need to invest in medicine to protect our bodies, we need to face our limits before exploring the unknown and eventually accept that even a bacterium, the smallest creature in the world, can be the biggest fear for our planet.
“This poster has been cancelled.”
2020 is the new 2021.
This year has already been recorded as the worst one since we are alive. But it will be remembered also as the year of the renunciation. For the first time humans are getting use to postpone their agendas. Music, art, sport, meeting of any genre have been cancelled. We are looking at the 2021 as the year of resolution where putting hope of being able to continue doing what we should have done in 2020.
This expectation give us a strange feeling and at the same time the opportunity to think about our priorities and how they could not be forced to follow a deadline. Let’s improvise folks!

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